Arredondo-Savage Endorses Keating for Tempe City Council

Tempe, AZ – Today, long-time Tempe community leader, small business owner, and candidate for Tempe City Council Randy Keating announced the endorsement of Tempe City Councilmember Robin Arredondo-Savage.

"I’ve gotten to know Randy over the course of his campaign, and I’ve been very impressed with his work ethic as well as his ability to look beyond the moment and towards a longer vision for Tempe,” said Arredondo-Savage. “He has led with a consistent pragmatism that will suit him well as a Tempe city councilmember. I'm happy to give him my endorsement, and my vote.”

"Robin's reputation as an advocate for Tempe and a thoughtful leader is unparalleled," said Keating. "Her dedication to our community, her service to Tempe, and her foresight have made her an outstanding councilmember. I'm very happy to have her support."

Randy Keating is a respected leader in many Tempe circles. In 2015, he was awarded the City of Tempe's MLK Diversity Award for his commitment to social justice and the inclusion of all Tempeans in the civic process. Randy's nomination received 17 letters of support from the community, more than any nominee has ever received.

In addition to Councilmember Arredondo-Savage, Keating's campaign has been endorsed by former Tempe Mayor Harry Mitchell, current Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell, Tempe City Councilmembers Kuby, and Schapira, and by police and firefighters.