Who is Endorsing Randy Keating?

Randy has earned the endorsements of organizations and community leaders alike. See below for the full list, as well as why they are supporting Randy in the Tempe City Council Race race. Please don't forget to add your own endorsement at the bottom of the page!


"I've known Randy since my days in Congress and have been impressed with not only his body of work in the community, but the alacrity in which he has accomplished so much. Given his energy, enthusiasm, and seemingly endless drive to improve the lives of those around him, it's no surprise to me that he enjoys support from Tempe's most notable leaders both past and present. I know he will make an outstanding councilmember, which is why I'm happy to chair his campaign."
Former Tempe Mayor Harry Mitchell


"Randy Keating is a passionate advocate for Tempe and shares my optimistic outlook for our great city. Randy will do a great job on the City Council and I couldn't be more proud to endorse him today. Will you please join me?"
Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell


"Randy Keating is an energetic consensus-builder who will work tirelessly on behalf of Tempe residents. Please join me in casting one of your three votes for the City Council for Randy on or before March 8."
Tempe Vice Mayor Corey Woods


"I’ve gotten to know Randy over the course of his campaign, and I’ve been very impressed with his work ethic as well as his ability to look beyond the moment and towards a longer vision for Tempe. He has led with a consistent pragmatism that will suit him well as a Tempe city councilmember. I'm happy to give him my endorsement, and my vote.”
Tempe City Councilmember Robin Arredondo-Savage


"Tempe needs Randy Keating. Randy has been one of my closest friends as we've strived to make a difference in our wonderful community. He's a champion for sustainability, a fighter on behalf of the less fortunate, and a role model for the next generation of leadership. I know he'll do great things on the council and I could not be more proud of him."
Tempe City Councilmember Lauren Kuby


"Randy has an unmatched zeal for contributing to welfare of our community. We've worked together for many years, so I know firsthand how much he cares about Tempe and how dedicated he is to serving. I'm supporting Randy because I know that no one will work harder for the people of Tempe."
Tempe City Councilmember David Schapira


"I've known Randy for many years and for the entirety of that time, he has been a dedicated leader that empowered people to make a difference in their communities. He has mentored youth, sponsored DREAMers, and persistently fought for justice. Randy would be an admirable addition to the Tempe City Council and I am proud to call him my friend."
State Representative Juan Mendez


"Randy's commitment to a livable, workable, and sustainable Tempe make him the clear choice for the Tempe City Council. He understands just how vital Tempe's employees, especially its firefighters, are to its livelihood and he will honor them with his robust vision for Tempe's future. We are thrilled to offer him our support."
Professional Firefighters of Arizona President Bryan Jeffries


"Randy has demonstrated a unique understanding of the necessity for continuous and earnest dialogue between law enforcement and the public we serve. He appreciates the demands and complexities of modern policing and that trust and legitimacy are the corner stones for those relationships to develop and flourish. He is an exemplary candidate for Tempe City Council."
Arizona Police Association Executive Director Levi Bolton

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Jeanne Devine
Cindie Weatherford TWeatherford, Inc.
Shirley McKean

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