Tempe Workability - Randy Keating for Tempe City Council

Homeownership, starting a family, and sending your children to school--all require a job that pays enough to meet the cost of living. Individuals and families strive toward these goals and when large groups of people meet these goals, our city thrives. I believe that every Tempean who works hard and plays by the rules ought to be able to reach their goals and pursue happiness right here in Tempe.

Our City is home to Arizona State University and its world-class research and education programs. With ASU comes an entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation. It’s only natural that Tempe embraces this culture for what it is, a source for more high-paying jobs and driver of our local economy. A city that nurtures its brightest minds today is a city that prospers tomorrow, and in our modern world, education, innovation, technology, and commerce are inextricably linked. Let’s continue to foster an environment where all four can thrive.